HxH Travel Zine



    A Hunter x Hunter fanzine about the journey of the HxH characters and the fun they had exploring the world!

    The zine is a physical printed, perfect bound 200+ paged A5 zine with a range of travel themed physical merch!

    ⋆ Organised by Asterisk Zines

    Closing on JUN 5th 11:59PM (ET)


      Closing on JUN 5th 11:59PM (ET)

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        Meet our team of 60+ artists, writers, graphic designers and chef!

          Join our Polaroid contest and win a copy of the Embark zine!

          Theme: Travel
          Deadline: December 13th 11:59PM (PST)

          Draw any HxH characters travelling around the World or the HxH world and capture their fun moments in the form of a polaroid!

          Prizes: 2 Grand Prize Winners, one winner chosen randomly and one art winner. Both winners will win a physical copy of the Embark Zine for free.

          All participants have the chance to get their entries into the physical copy of the zine, and if chosen, will receive a digital PDF version of Embark, plus a discount code for the zine.

          - - - - - -

          TO ENTER:
          1. Post your entry onto instagram, twitter or tumblr and use the hashtag #HxHLetsEmbark, and tag us @HxHTravelZine
          2. Submit this form for each entry. (If you enter multiple times, please submit them separately)

          Please do not cover any content which goes beyond the anime 1999/2011 (No manga-only content)No gore/sexual content

          Meet the Team!

          Mod Dewream

          Yo! HxH is one of my favourite series and through this zine I hope to create a high quality product that captures all the fun, adventure and feels Hunter x Hunter brought us! //criesinYuzu//

          I’ve previously moderated the OP Feast Zine, contributed to 10+ zines, tabled at multiple local conventions and ran my own online store. You can find me normally lurking in the zine community, and when I’m not drawing for one I’m probably buying one ahah //looksatmyhugestackofzines//

          Can’t wait to embark on this adventure together!

          Mod Catsudon

          Hi! Killua is the bestest best boi and I think about him 24/7 ;-; If there’s one anime that I’d recommend to anyone it’d have to be HxH (2011), it’s a masterpiece!! I listen to all the endings and openings (yes all 6 versions) on repeat.

          I’ve contributed to 10+ zines and moderated the OP Feast zine and the BNHA Side Quest zine. I’ve previously tabled at several local conventions and running an online store at the moment. My goal is to meet the hxh community, produce a really high quality product and run this zine in an organised manner! If anyone has seen Killua please tell him to come home I miss him!! <3

          Applications for Embark have closed!

          We're looking for a team of around 30-40, including artists, merch artists, graphic designer/s, writers and specialists.

          Read our Guidelines for more info.

          Please click here for a plain, high-contrast format of our guidelines.

          Are you ready to Embark on a new journey?

          AUG 10th: Project Announcement and Interest Check opens

          AUG 24th: Interest Check closes

          AUG 27th: Contributor Applications open

          SEP 27th: Contributor Applications close

          OCT 11th: Emails and results sent

          OCT 18th: Idea Brainstorming [1 WK]

          OCT 25th: Creation period begins!

          NOV 1st: 1st Check-in [1 WK]

          NOV 29th: 2nd Check-in [3 WKS]

          DEC 20th: 3rd Check-in [3 WKS]

          Jan 3rd: Creation period ends

          Mar 31st: Preorders open